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  • Glove Box Gloves 26.7″ Item No. BM-03

Glove Box Gloves 26.7″ Item No. BM-03

  •           Vacuum box available

  • Efficient protection of ketones and esters

  • Resistance to 98% sulfuric acid and 40% sodium hydroxide

  • 100% Precipitate free

  • One of the 5 factories with the Chinese government’s production license.

Glove Box Gloves 26.7″ Item No. BM-03

Length 26.7″, diameter  6.7”, smooth palm butyl glove box gloves, black color, palm thickness 49mil, sleeve thickness 49mil, 615g/pair, palm width 4.7″, Nylon lining.

Butyl glove box gloves has good air tightness and can be operated in vacuum. It can tolerate 98% sulfuric acid and 40% sodium hydroxide.

Use high quality neoprene to prevent steam and water penetration;

It has protective effects on a wide range of chemicals, including oils, fuels, and acetone;

Using solvent type and multiple impregnation process, the composite polymer layer is produced, and the gloves with extraordinary quality are produced high tensile strength, accidental tear;

Well extended, very flexible, designed for work that requires good touch and flexibility; Wear resistance is strong, long service life; Right and left hand interchangeable;

Requirements of 21CFR for USDA, FDA and food processing purposes. Main applications: dry box operations in nuclear power, defense, medicine, biotechnology, semiconductor and manufacturing.

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